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ONI MSK Extreme MRI Scanner

The ONI MSK extreme MRI Scanner provides high image quality, fast scan times, robust pulse sequences for contrast-enhanced studies, and late echo imaging.

ONI MSK Extreme MRI Scanner

ONI MSK Extreme Overview

ONI Medical Systems provides state-of-the-art MRI systems and services for dedicated MSK applications. Our unrivaled experience in MR enables us to deliver the innovations our customers depend on for better patient care and financial success.

Now, ONI has revolutionized MSK imaging. Our newest dedicated MRI system offers hospitals and practices the ability to increase both image quality and return on investment.


2x Higher Gradient Strength Increases Visualization of Detail The 70 mT/m gradient strength of the MSK Extreme 1.5T and a fast constant slew rate of 200 T/m/s enables the system to achieve compressed echo trains of > 5 ms. This allows you to collect more data in each image acquired, so you can visualize more detail.

v-SPECTM Technology Improves Accuracy ONI’s exclusive v-SPEC coils are scalable to MSK anatomy and patient size. This increases the MRI signal in your defined region of interest, and gives you more precise information than ever before. With the precision power of v-SPEC, you get better pre-operative screening data, enabling you to optimize your time in surgical procedures.

Sweet Spot Imaging Puts You in Control The MSK Extreme 1.5T puts the physician in complete control of image optimization. Since the system is designed specifically for extremity applications, no surface coils are required, and the patient anatomy is always in the iso-center of the magnet. The patient is reclined in a comfortable seated position, and all imaging areas —even elbows —are now at the true iso-center of the system. This eliminates motion, reduces noise and improves image contrast.


Magnet System:

  • Type: Superconducting, passive shims.
  • Field Strength: 1.5 T active shield.
  • Fringe Field: 0.5 mT line.
  • 1.85 m axial x 1.15 m radial
  • Helium Capacity: > 60 liters liquid helium.
  • Size: 518 mm long, 683 mm OD, 285 mm ID.
  • Helium Fills: Normally not required.
  • Field Stability: > 0.1 ppm/hr
  • Magnet Weight: > 745 lbs (339 kg)
  • Compressor Weight: 350 lbs (159 kg)

Gradient System:

  • Strength: 70 mT/m
  • Slew Rate: 200 T/m/s

RF Transmit / Receive:

  • Frequency: 63.8 MHz ±500 kHz
  • RF Power: 2500 W peak rms, 75 W average
  • Image BW: Variable 5 kHz –118 kHz
  • Preamp Noise Fig: > 0.5 dB


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