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Flat Panel Detectors vs. Image Intensifiers

Analog image intensifiers and digital flat plate detectors have their pros and cons The Need for Digital Imaging Analog image intensifiers and digital flat plate detectors have their pros and cons. However, in today’s medical imaging field, digital imaging is the efficient way to go … Read more

patient being imaged with digital rad room

Upgrading Rad Rooms to Digital

As we progress into the future digital images will be the only way to view and store images The Future of Radiology Why are more and more imaging centers choosing to upgrade Rad Rooms to digital? As we progress into the future digital images will … Read more

Digital radiography flat panel detector

Digital Radiography Flat Panel Detector

Overview Type: Wireless Pixel Pitch: 140 Scintillator: Csl / GOS Image Size: (cm)43 X 43 Resolution: 3072 X 3072 Applications: General Radiography Price Includes the Following Delivery, Setup and Installation PACS Setup and Overall Interfacing Training and Applications RELATED PRODUCTS

Collage of many X-rays in very good quality.

Mobile X-Ray Machine Pros And Cons

A mobile x-ray machine can be disassembled to fit inside the trunk of a car, moves manually, and the unit is powered by a wall outlet How is Mobile X-Ray Different from Portable X-Ray? Lots of companies and radiological websites use “portable” and “mobile” interchangeably … Read more

Clean and light X-ray room with chest on monitor, panorama, copy space

Rad Room Site Plan Checklist

Rad room site plans must develop ways to keep the staff and patients safe during fluoroscopic and radiographic procedures Why is Now the Best Time to Consider a Rad Room Site Plan? As the world becomes vaccinated against the Covid 19 virus, fluoroscopic procedures along … Read more

Woman Receiving Radiation Therapy Treatments for Cancer

Radiological Health Department by US State

Radiology License Information by US States Alabama Radiology License: Alabama Office of Radiation Control RSA Tower201 Monroe St., Suite 700Montgomery, Alabama 36104(334) 206-5391 Alaska Radiology License: Alaska Radiological Health Laboratory 4500 Boniface ParkwayAnchorage, Alaska 99507-2107(907) 334-2107 Arizona Radiology License: Arizona Radiation Regulatory Agency, Radioactive Materials 4814 S. 40th St.Phoenix, Arizona 85040(602) … Read more

CT Scanner machines costs

How Much Does a CT Machine Cost?

CT scans are one of the most common practices in the world, yet they are also one of the most costly How much does a CT machine cost and which one is right for you? CT scans are one of the most common practices in … Read more

Rad room being used by patient and tech

Costs to Know when Purchasing a Rad Room

The following are five essential costs to consider when purchasing Radiographic Rooms The technology and features on new Rad Rooms have not changed within the last ten years. This makes refurbished equipment a great option for facilities on a limited budget. And in some cases, … Read more

CT Machine Site Plan Diagram

CT Machine Site Plan Checklist

When planning to implement one of these systems in a facility, it’s not just about the scan room itself, but also the surroundings Why is CT machine site planning important? It can save you a huge amount of trouble in the long run. Before you … Read more


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