Fujifilm, or simply Fuji, is a Japanese film company founded in 1934. Even though they are known mostly for their domestic film and cameras, Fuji has a hand in the medical industry as well, being a manufacturer of computed radiography (CR) machines we sell here at Amber Diagnostics. Read on to learn more about the Tokyo-based conglomerate!




1.) Fuji was established as Fuji Photo Film Co., LTD, and was based on a government plan to establish a photographic film manufacturing industry.




2.) Fuji was a major player in motion picture film, however, the company stopped producing the film in 2013 due to the motion picture industry diving more into the digital era.




3.) In 2006, Fuji released functional skin care cosmetics, something that may seem odd for a film company. The skin care line uses core technologies developed by the research of photosensitive materials.


CR producer Fujifilm


4.) Fuji jumped into the medical market in 2003, with the Digital Diagnostic X-Ray Imaging System FCR Profect CS. They later went on to produce Digital Mammography systems and Endoscopy Systems ,as well as CR machines.


CR Producer Fujifilm


5.) Fuji and film producer Kodak have been in a rivalry for years. Fuji gained a great advantage in the U.S. in 1984, however, during the Los Angeles Olympics: Kodak passed on the opportunity to become the official film of the games, so Fuji won sponsorship rights.




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