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MAMMOGRAPHY MACHINE COMPARISON CHART, GE Senographe Essential vs. Hologic Selenia S

GE Senographe Essential vs. Hologic Selenia S

Mammography digital systems machine comparison MAMMOGRAPHY MACHINE COMPARISON CHARTDigital Systems: GE Senographe Essential vs. Hologic Selenia S Model > Senographe Essential > Selenia S Company GE Healthcare Hologic, Inc. FDA Clearance 2005 YES Generator Type High frequency single-phase power supply; 5 kW Constant potential, high-frequency … Read more

Breast Conebeam CT Has Potential to be Enhanced by AI

AI algorithm can accurately tell the difference between benign and malignant breast lesions According to a web-exclusive paper in the August issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology, during studies using breast conebeam CT (CBCT), an AI algorithm can accurately tell the difference between benign … Read more

mammography machines

Is Digital or Analog Mammography Better?

Digital is all the rage right now, and we all know the basic advantages: faster, more detailed images and easier manipulation of images When preparing to have a mammogram, patients usually have questions regarding the differences between digital mammography, and analog mammography. Along the same … Read more

digital mammography

International Markets and Digital Mammography

The reason for the surge is the fact that analog systems, while still useful and affordable, are slowly yielding the way to digital Digital mammography is quickly becoming a major player in the diagnostic imaging market. Part of the reason for the surge is the fact that analog … Read more

Breast Cancer Suppressant

One of the more aggressive forms of cancer is breast cancer, which unfortunately has become an apex predator among women When we think of cancer we can safely liken it to a nasty creature that lurks around at night. According to research, nighttime is the … Read more

Mammogram Regulations

A facility that houses any or all of these machines has to be certified by the FDA and adhere to strict regulations It’s important to understand what your state and federal regulations are as far as diagnostic imaging procedures are concerned. An MRI scan, a CT Scan, and an X-Ray are … Read more

A New Mammomat Edition

According to spec the Mammomat Inspiration Prime reduces the radiation by close to 30% Breast cancer is a chief concern in the world of diagnostic imaging. Mammography, biopsy, and many other exams are done in order to help keep breast cancer from becoming impossible to handle. … Read more

A New Hope for the Market and Against Breast Cancer

3D breast biopsy has been launched as Hologic C-View synthesized 2D mammography images for a breast tomosynthesis system As the economy becomes more unpredictable day by day, all markets suffer, including the emerging juggernaut known as the diagnostic imaging market. Even though diagnostic imaging and medical technologies as … Read more

Patient Preparation on the Mammogram Front

It’s good for the patient to engage in research as well and understand a few key elements It’s vital that a patient understand what the preparation that’s required in terms of a mammogram. Often times not being educated on the procedure can be a source of … Read more

Contrast Agents for Mammography

It’s important to have the right agent, and often times the right medium depends on the procedure as well as the patient When engaging in a diagnostic imaging procedure it’s vital to understand the procedure in detail. It’s important for the doctor performing the procedure to explain … Read more


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