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MAMMOGRAPHY MACHINE COMPARISON CHART, GE Senographe Essential vs. Hologic Selenia S

GE Senographe Essential vs. Hologic Selenia S

If you need help choosing a particular mammography system for your practice, give me a call. We have a wide range of used mammography machine for sale. With our 26 years of experience, custom warranties, and custom financing plans, I am sure to help you select the best system to fit your needs and budget.

MRI Scans & Breast Cancer

Postpartum Breast Cancer & Breast MRI

According to a study published in the September issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology, in more than one in four cases, using MRI scans on women with breast cancer within one year of giving birth can achieve sensitivity of almost 100% for detecting tumors and … Read more

GE Mammography Video

Check out our GE Mammography video below! – – – – – – Hey there, it looks like you’re considering one of Amber’s Digital Mammography machines from GE. We’ve been refurbishing Digital and Analog Mammography machines since 1993, so we are more than ready to … Read more

What is a Mammography Machine?

A mammography machine uses X-Ray beams to examine the breast for cancer and other diseases. The X-Ray film used is high-contrast and high-resolution, and is specifically designed for imaging the breasts. A mammogram is useful in that it can show changes in the breasts long … Read more

mammography machines

Is Digital or Analog Mammography Better?

When preparing to have a mammogram, patients usually have questions regarding the differences between digital mammography, and analog mammography. Along the same lines, physicians may have questions about the mammography machines as well; mostly, which one is best for their practice. Digital everything seems all … Read more

digital mammography

International Markets and Digital Mammography

Digital mammography is quickly becoming a major player in the diagnostic imaging market. Part of the reason for the surge is the fact that analog systems, while still useful and affordable, are slowly yielding the way to digital. The word digital often, sometimes mistakenly, means progress, improvement and … Read more

3D mammography

3D May be the Difference

Any form of cancer, breast cancer included, has the distinct and highly dangerous ability to hide. In other words treatment may well be beating out the cancer but it won’t necessarily eradicate all of it.   It appears as if though 3D mammography may be … Read more

Breast Cancer Suppressant

When we think of cancer we can safely liken it to a nasty creature that lurks around at night. According to research, nighttime is the best time for cancer to grow. Knowing this, it almost makes you want to avoid going to sleep so you … Read more


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