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Don’t Worry About the Bacteria

Unfortunately healthcare is not immune to bacteria, but don’t worry because it’s got a solution When you hear the word bacteria the last thing you want to do is equate it anything regarding healthcare. When you think of the healthcare environment you think of a … Read more

The Cancer Risk Takes a Back Seat

Several studies show that procedures such as the CT scan can present a risk of developing future cancer, especially in kids With diagnostic imaging procedures there is a small risk of developing cancer due to the exposure to radiation. Over the last several years studies have been conducted that … Read more

What is Really the Problem

Evidence that costs are varying greatly by region and hospital for the same things, pharmaceuticals are a big problem as well When it comes to rising costs in healthcare people will often times point more to procedures such as surgeries, diagnostic imaging, and minimally invasive bedside … Read more

A New Player in Medical Imaging, Samsung

In 2011 Samsung announced an ambitious plan to drop over 1.1 billion dollars in the medical equipment field When you think of the leading providers of diagnostic imaging technology, who is that you think of first? Is it GE? Is it Phillips? Either way it’s … Read more

Patient Anger

Patient’s feelings can range from feeling claustrophobic to feeling incredibly sad, and yet, anger is still the most difficult one Anger is not the best emotion to feel, especially when going through a diagnostic imaging procedure. A patient’s feelings can range from feeling claustrophobic to feeling incredibly … Read more

The PC Tablet Has Some Medical Use

A few years after the Ipad came out and the tablet PC became the absolute must have for everyone When tablet PCs first came out, they were something special in the market, the ultimate new toy to have. A few years after the Ipad came … Read more

Brazil Healthcare Market Expansion

Brazil Healthcare Market Expansion

Brazil is on of the BRIC countries and when it comes to diagnostic imaging, the BRIC countries are the ideal target As time goes by countries change some for the better and some for the worst. Government structures change and with that so too does … Read more

Urgent Care and Imaging

In urgent care, patients come and go so often times you are lucky to get an X-Ray in an urgent care facility Urgent care is healthcare’s productive work horse, the branch that tries to put out fires before they get out of control. Often times, in urgent … Read more

Advantages of Buying a Refurbished Urology System

Purchasing a refurbished piece of equipment is advantageous not only from the cost point of view, but also from other perspectives In trying to optimize your practice the purchase of a diagnostic imaging modality it’s important to understand the advantages to your practice. Often times the … Read more

Taking Headaches Seriously

A severe and painful headache is the worst headache that exists, a migraine. So what is the complete definition of a migraine? A headache is quite possibly one of the most annoying pains we can have. It doesn’t matter what the duration is, a headache will pretty … Read more


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