Used & Refurbished Digital Radiography

used and refurbished digital radiography
If you are on the market for a DR, Amber Diagnostics can help you make the best decision for your practice and your patients. Amber has been a leader in used and refurbished DRs since 1994.

Our seasoned professionals are experts in their field, and are more than qualified to walk you through the process of your crucial investment; from any questions and concerns you may initially have, to installation and technical maintenance. Also relevant to note, is that all equipment purchased from Amber can be custom reconditioned due to your personal financial budget and mechanical requirements.


We offer a wide variety of used and refurbished radiology equipment, from MRI scanners, CT scanners, PET/CT machines,
C-Arms, X-Ray Machines, Women’s health equipment and various ancillary Items.

The Digital Radiography has different categories and options.

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Acuity HD 1417 Wireless

radmedix acuity hd 1417 wireless
Acuity HD 1417 Wireless is a complete wireless, cassette sized detector to easily transform any existing conventional x-ray room into an efficient digital radiology suite. It is portable and lightweight design requires no bulky modification and easily integrates with any manufactures original equipment.
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ViVIX - S Portable Wired

vieworks vivix - s portable wired
IVIX-S Portable, Wired is a Vieworks' flat panel detector with 14" x 17" coverage area for general radiographic applications using its unique image processing system. With the same size as a film or a CR cassette, it is an optimized solution for upgrading conventional X-ray system.
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ViVIX - S Portable Wireless

vieworks vivix - s portable wireless
VIVIX-S Portable, Wireless is a Vieworks' 14" x 17" flat panel detector for general radiographic applications using its unique image processing system. With the size the same as that of CR cassette or films, it fits into existing bucky trays. It is easy to acquire and instantly transmit images to the DICOM server through Wi-Fi network.
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vieworks vivix - S DR FIXED
ViVIX-S is a Vieworks’s flat panel digital radiography system with a large field coverage area of 17”x17” designed for general radiographic application using its unique image processing system and proprietary flat panel detector.
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