ge discovery mr450 1-5t

GE Discovery MR450 1.5T

The GE Discovery MR450 is a whole-body 1.5 Tesla MRI scanner that offers a full range of clinical applications.The unit is built for efficiency allowing in room patient set up in 30 seconds and scanning with a few easy steps.

GE Discovery MR450 1.5T

The Discovery MR450 1.5T machine by GE has some of the most advanced capabilities of any 1.5T system on the market. The new technologies that this MRI is equipped with take 1.5T imaging to a whole new level which allows you to focus on your patients. It will provide your clinic with true and real-time cardiac imaging and delivers scientifically better performance then the previous 1.5T MRI systems.

The Discovery MR450 1.5T machine has been equipped with a proven and short bore superconducting magnet. The table has a 64 element architecture than can accommodate patients up to 500 pounds. It will provide you with accelerated parallel imaging and high homogeneity. It offers single acquisition and multi-abdominal imaging with exceptional fat and water separation.
ge discovery mr450 1-5t

Built on the high-definition platform you know and trust, GE Discovery MR450 1.5T allows you to see more, do more and expect more than ever before.

The Discovery MR450 provides fantastic whole body imaging for a large range of clinical applications: Whole Body, Neuro, Spine, MSK, Breast, Vascular and Cardiac imaging. Utilizing the in-Room Operator Console (iROC), the system provides real-time system interaction. GE’s IntelliTouch feature on the table eliminates the need for laser light.

iROC (In-Room Operator Console)

IntelliTouch Technology patient positioning

32 channel table coil connections

The GE Discovery MR450 1.5T brings you advanced technology like:

Gradient and RF Resonance Module

Optical RF Technology

Volume Reconstruction Engine

Surface Coils

Table Technology

Advanced Remote Servicing


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