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GE Optima MR360 1.5T MRI Scanner

The GE Optima MR360 is an advanced 1.5T MRI Scanner designed for exceptional imaging productivity with a low total cost

GE Optima MR360 Overview

The Optima MR360 is engineered to deliver value. Built around a proven, highly homogeneous 1.5T magnet, 33/100 gradient performance and new OpTix RF technology, the unit combines clear image quality and versatility with the ongoing benefits of our ecomagination program. Offering flexibility with two table designs, the unit also facilitates diagnostic capabilities with user-friendly features. A broad range of advanced software applications offer you high-quality imaging—even in challenging areas such as breast, body, and vascular applications. The MR360 is energy efficient, too, using up to 34 percent less power than previous-generation systems.


Workflow efficiency and productivity, driven by advanced technology and user-friendly controls.

Flexibility with two table designs—fixed and detached.

Advanced applications designed to add value to your operation.

Energy-efficient operation— uses up to 34 percent less energy than previous-generation systems.

Cost-effective upgrades, driven by GE’s Continuum* program, which allows you to stay current with the latest magnetic resonance technology—without costly magnet replacements.

A smaller footprint— occupies up to 20% less space than other 1.5T systems.

  • A proven, highly homogeneous 1.5T magnet, 33/100 gradient performance and new OpTix RF technology.
  • Optix RF for better signal clarity and signal intensity—to acquire cleaner, crisper images.
  • Express Coil, which minimizes the distance between patients and coils to improve coverage and depth of penetration.
  • Efficient gradient, new electronics design and innovative water-cooling for energy-efficient operation.
  • Two table designs: A fixed table with Express Coil technology enables easy positioning and high throughput; a detachable table with dedicated coils that help optimize image quality.
  • Ready interface, a user-friendly control center that optimizes scan parameters in fewer steps.
  • Automated Ready Brain, an acquisition technique that automatically determines slice alignment for brain scans to help improve technician productivity.
  • Intuitive Ready Bar control, which replaces 30 complex inputs with a single control.
  • Advanced clinical software applications that include IDEAL, Cube, SWAN, PROPELLER 2.0, the Inhance suite of non-contrast MRA, and more.