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Siemens Magnetom Allegra 3.0T

The 3 T MAGNETOM Allegra is a dedicated MR headscanner, perfect as a research system in cognitive and neuroscience with MRS and fMRI. MAGNETOM Allegra is a full member of the MAGNETOM product family. It uses many common components, i.e. electronics, computer system, software and pulse sequence concepts.


The Siemens MAGNETOM Allegra is a compact, 3 Tesla MRI scanner designed specifically for fast imaging of the brain – the only optimized 3T brain scanner.

The Siemens Allegra provides excellent imaging for diagnosing stroke, epilepsy, tumor and multiple sclerosis.

The Allegra is built to offer exceptional performance for brain functional research.

The Siemens Allegra 3T can be installed in a 1.5 Tesla suite.


Siemens Magnetom Allegra 3.0T gives you the following benefits:

  • Clinical application: Head.
  • Configuration: Short bore
  • Surface coils: Head
  • Spectroscopy: Yes/Mutli-nuclear MRS
  • FOV: 22 cm
  • Slice thickness: Min 2D/3D: 0.1/0.05 mm
  • Display matrix: 1024 x 1024 full screen display
  • Measuring matrix: 64 x 64 to 1024 x 1024
  • Spatial resolution: 10 micrometer
  • Magnet type: Superconducting


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