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Top 5 Price Points of X-Ray Equipment

Revealing All the Costs of Purchasing a Refurbished X-Ray

Purchasing X-Ray equipment can be a difficult task. Not only does it need to meet the needs of the medical institution or facility, but also the budget. Spending too much on the device might cause a buyer not being able to afford the necessary scanners needed along with the X-Ray. On the other hand, paying too little could end up in the buyer having a faulty security plan. You need an affordable device that performs optimally with a long lifetime.

A significant factor to consider about the cost of purchasing an X-Ray is that it doesn’t include only the sales price. The purchase also includes the cost of maintenance, delivery, and installation. To be able to make a decision, combining all these costs help calculate accurate project costs. Once that has been done, buyers can compare all vendor options.

So what costs are required when buying X-Ray? The following are five essential price points to consider when purchasing X-Ray devices. Adding these costs will allow you to compare and determine what the most affordable options are for you.

1. Sales price.
X-Ray equipment can range in price from around thousands of dollars per unit to as high as a million dollars per unit. If you seek to ensure that your new X-Ray machine will fit your budget, the base sales price isn’t the only cost to focus on. Take into account the accessories and extra equipment necessary that may be required. Accessories may consist of tables (roller or stable) or even customized paint jobs. Factoring all these costs is critical in finding the unit sales price.

2. Maintenance, repairing, and spare parts.
Like any high tech equipment, X-Ray equipment should be maintained to perform all the necessary functions every day. Maintenance is something that is critical in making sure there is proper operation of the system. An estimate of the costs required for maintenance, repair, and the extra parts that would be necessary for the system is essential to know ahead of time to avoid unplanned future costs.

3. Delivery and installation.
Delivering an X-Ray unit to a particular place doesn’t come cheap. It involves:
• Packaging costs.
• Freight delivery costs.
• Import or export licenses,
• Legal documents.

4. Operation costs.
When determining the operation costs, consider both costs for salaries and training. It is essential to be informed about high operator turnover or employee unfamiliarity with a new system. This could involve extra training which means increased operating costs for each unit.

5. Energy usage.
Monthly utility costs could eventually add up. It is essential to monitor this, especially if the unit requires uninterrupted power.

Including these costs in your initial estimates will save you from surprising budget overrun and ensure you get the best deal for your practice.

If you are currently looking for a refurbished mobile X-Ray or X-Ray machine, check out the inventory on our website. Submit a contact form or reach out to us to have an expert account executive guide you on your purchasing journey. We offer fair prices to all of our customers and won’t hide any costs from you.

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