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Amber Houses 25,000 Sq. Feet of Medical Imaging Equipment

Refurbished Medical Imaging

Did you know that Amber Diagnostics has a 25,000 square warehouse where we keep all of our refurbished or soon to be refurbished medical imaging and radiology equipment? We have aisle upon aisle of equipment selection, plenty of space for the refurbishment process in which we provide extensive mechanical, electrical, and cosmetic refurbishment; we also … Read more

How Nikola Tesla’s Inventions Shaped The Medical Industry & The Entire World

Nikola Tesla and How He Shaped The Medical Industry

The Serbian-American inventor, electrical and mechanical engineer, physicist Nikola Tesla was born in 1856, in modern day Croatia. Today, Tesla is world renowned for his many inventions and ideas concerning the alternating current electricity supply system, wireless communication, and more; but it wasn’t always this way. In honor of what would have been his 160th … Read more

Call for Action May Change Things

call for action may change things in radiation

Radiation is not just a concern for practitioners and patients but also for Service technicians and repair specialists in the diagnostic imaging world. The latest goals in terms of radiation have been outlined for three years, since the Bonn Call for Action.   This particular convention took place in Bonn, Germany in 2012 and was organized … Read more

Asian Medical Device Market Going Strong

medical device market

As we face an increasingly difficult economic time domestically, it’s good to see that markets for diagnostic imaging are only gaining strength, at least overseas. According to sources, the Asian medical device market is seeing unprecedented growth on every end, lower tech, and higher tech. It’s little surprise that the market is growing so highly when you … Read more

Europe’s Service Market Getting Big Numbers

Europe's Service Market

When you purchase a treadmill, a washer, a dryer, and any other device there is a service contract involved. Often times the service contract is something affordable that doesn’t necessarily get used, at least depending on the quality of the device. In terms of diagnostic imaging equipment the case of contracts and repairs it’s the same thing. The one huge … Read more

What Amber Diagnostics Will Do for You.

amber diagnostics

We understand what pricing of a diagnostic imaging modality can be extremely prohibitive. The purchase you make will also include an installation, delivery, inspections, proper placement. If you buy a new system you are likely to be highly limited in terms of budget because you are spending a significant amount of money in a system … Read more

The Pakistan Radiologist Shortage


Pakistan is currently facing a radiologist shortage that’s being attributed to low pay and high work load. Currently Radiologists there are being paid between $500 to $1,000 per month. Most radiologists are leaving at an alarming rate simply because it’s too much work and far from enough compensation. This means that more than likely Pakistan will end … Read more

New Medical Diagnostic Device on the Horizon

There is a new medical diagnostic device for Imaging breast cancer with light which has been developed in the Netherlands. The device is called the Photoacoustic Mammoscope and its purpose is to screen for breast cancer. The device employs the usage of infrared light and ultimately creates a map. The purpose is to make this particular modality, if it comes … Read more


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