kodak cr 900

Kodak CR 900

The Centralized CR Solution With Decentralized Workflow

Kodak CR 900

Introducing the CR unit for all your general radiography needs. The CR 900 system provides multiple cassette loading and processing at a central location in your radiology department. Workflow is decentralized by locating the Kodak DirectView remote operations panel in the exam room or a remote location. This allows radiologic technologists to perform almost all aspects of a patient study without leaving the exam room, facilitating workflow and providing an opportunity for better patient care. Use the remote operations panel to enter patient and study data, scan the bar code, and then simply load your cassettes at the CR 900 unit and return to the exam room where the panel is located. Here you can QA the image, make annotations, reprocess it, and route it to its destination for soft-copy review, printing, or archiving.
kodak cr 900

Kodak CR 900 gives you the following benefits:

• Kodak DICOM Print Class User software standard with CR 900 system
• Available options:
– Kodak DICOM Storage Service Class User software
– Kodak DICOM Work List Management software
• Connectivity with Kodak Dry View™ laser imagers, soft-copy displays, PACS, and RIS
• Connectivity with many non-Kodak HIS/RIS, print, display, and archive solutions

The Kodak CR 900 provides you with with the following Specification:

Height:59.5 in. (151.1cm)(41 in. [104.1cm] at cassette station)
Width: 40in. (101.6 cm)
Depth: 30in.(76.2cm)
Weight 1050lb. (472.5kg)

Capable of handling up to 8 exposed cassetes and 8 erased cassettes at a time
Throughput: 63 cassettes / hour*
Time from cassette insertion to image at network : under 70 seconds


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