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GE LightSpeed VCT 64 Slice CT Scanner

The GE LightSpeed VCT 64 Slice CT Scanner are whole-body scanners designed for advanced cardiac and neuro imaging

GE LightSpeed VCT Overview

The refurbished GE LightSpeed VCT and GE Lightspeed VCT XT 64-slice CT scanners are whole-body scanners designed for advanced cardiac and neuro imaging. The Lightspeed VCT XT is the higher-end model of the VCT, with the key differences being a 0.35 second rotation time and “Volume Shuttle” as a standard feature. Volume shuttle is for perfusion scanning in which two 40mm bands are imaged in rapid succession, resulting in an 80mm volume image. Equipped with a 40mm V-Res detector, a powerful Performix Pro tube generator and a 100kw generator, a refurbished GE LightSpeed VCT XT can scan heart and coronary artery images in as little as five heartbeats.

  • System Covers 4 cm of patient anatomy per rotation, gathering 64 slices at 0.625 mm. 5-Beat Cardiac, covers 137.5 mm per second. Clinical Applications
  • Proprietary applications: 5-Beat Cardiac, Triple RuleOut, Stroke WorkUp
  • Cardiac CTA package: Yes
  • Lung nodule package: Lung VCAR – optional
  • Brain perfusion package: Perfusion 3 – optional
  • Virtual colonoscopy package: AdvantageCTC Pro – optional
  • CT scanner mode: Multislice
  • Slices per rotation: 64
  • Other rotation speed options (seconds): 0.35, 0.37, 0.4, 0.42, 0.45, 0.47, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0, 2.0
  • Minimum rotation speed: 0.4
  • Gantry diameter: 70 cm
  • Minimum temporal resolution: 175 msec
  • Maximum beam width: 4 cm
  • Minimum room size (length x width x height): 20 x 11.5 x 7
  • Table weight limit: 500 lbs
  • Table movement range vertically/longitudinally: 43-99 cm vertical, 203 cm horizontal
  • X-ray generator kV range: 80-140 kVp
  • Maximum scan range: 170 cm standard, 200 optional cm
  • X-ray tube heat capacity: 8 MHU
  • Power requirements: 150 kVA