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Mini C-arms Vs. Full-size C-arms

Full-Size C-Arms vs. Mini C-Arms

Full size and mini C-Arms: What are the differences and what are they used for? Full-size C-Arms Full-size C-arms are more powerful and have more room to accommodate different parts of the body. There are many brands and types to choose from, for example, the … Read more

Medical assistant in the operating room verifying orthopedic surgeons work on a human spine, with the help of a c- arm fluoroscope

Top 5 C-Arm Problems and Solutions

Learn how to identify the 5 most common C-arm problems and what to do about them The good news is that most of the problems can be fixed by following a few simple steps listed below. Otherwise, the hospital biomed team or qualified service engineer … Read more

Quantum Radiographic Room Options

Know The Quantum Rad Room Options

General rad rooms have just gotten smarter with Quantum’s wide selection of smart rad room digital systems General rad rooms have just gotten smarter with Quantum’s wide selection of smart rad room digital systems. All Quantum Rad rooms are compatible with both DR and CR … Read more

OEC 9800 C-arm Battery

How To Extend The Battery Life On Your C-Arm

Learn how to extent the life of your C-Arm battery Plugging in the C-arm every day will extend the battery life of your C-arm and keep it operating to it’s peak capacity. C-arms are expensive, massive pieces of equipment that require a lot of power … Read more

Fluoroscopy image acquisition on a C-arm

C-Arm, Fluoroscopy And Image Aquisition

Learn about C-Arm image acquisition and how it works Image acquisition on a mobile C-arm for fluoroscopy procedures is either done via an image intensifier (ii) or a flat plate detector. Early models of stationary flouro units were either mounted to the floor or the … Read more

MRI scanner magnetic field and coils and

What is Tesla in an MRI Scanner?

MRI Phantoms and Control of Image Quality Tesla is a SI (International System) unit of measurement for magnetic field strength and was named after the Serbian born scientist Nikola Tesla. One Tesla is equal to 10,000 gauss. The earth’s magnetic field is about 0.5 Super … Read more

GE OEC 9800 vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arm Comparison

GE OEC 9800 vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arm Comparison

Philips BV Endura vs GE OEC 9800 C-Arms This article will cover the differences between the two most popular units in the world today, GE OEC 9800 vs. Philips Pulsera. Both C-Arms can produce quality images with virtually the same tech specs and features. The … Read more

Digital X-ray retrofit portable screen

Upgrade to Digital With a Quick Digital X-ray Retrofit

Digital Retro Fit for your portable x-ray machine Analog portable machines are outdated and need to be replaced with digital equipment to remain competitive and compatible with other health care networks. Doctors and patients are expecting images and results to be easily accessible and electronically … Read more

MPreventing MRI accidents

Preventing MRI Accidents

Keep patients and healthcare personnel safe and avoid MRI accidents MRI exams are often associated with imaging without radiation. Therefore, they are deemed safer than CT or plain x-ray exams. But just like any other medical procedure, precautions must be followed to keep patients and healthcare personnel safe … Read more

What is the price of a CT Scanner.

What is the Price of a CT Scanner?

This article will break down the cost of used and refurbished CT machines The price of a CT Scanner primarily depends on whether you purchase from the primary or secondary market. CT scanners have a 20% depreciation rate, so experienced buyers will typically shop for a … Read more


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